What is NuaSupplements

NUA Biological Innovations SL: The Laboratory

NUA BIOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS, S.L. has been a point of reference in the sector for omega-3 preparations since 2008.

The first generation of NUA products were pure and highly-concentrated forms of the main marine omega-3s: DHA (NuaDHA® 1000/500) and EPA (NuaEPA®1200). Now, after 6 years on the market, it is time for the second generation of NUA products, which have been grouped into what we call NUA Supplements.


NUA Supplements

This new range of products is designed to provide more specific support for different areas of our health. The motto behind the new NUA Supplements product line is ‘Innovation at the service of Prevention’.

On the one hand, the new formulas will include our traditional or ‘first-generation’ products and also specific ingredients (vitamins, minerals, extracts…) depending on the area of health you would like to strengthen.

Since 2008, NUA BIOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS, S.L. has been dedicated to the research and development of its own formulas, prioritising the quality of the raw materials used in its products at all times.

Over time and with the guarantee of preliminary studies, we will launch a select number of formulas, and the first of them is NuaDHA® Vision